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Category: Fantasy

Friday Harbor
Friday Harbor, the one place where things may not always be what they seem. Never think that life is normal here because right when you believe that something or someone will turn your life upside down.
Unique Visits IN OUT
Today 2 0 2
Average Weekly 6.9 0.1 5.8
Neutral 5/5

Harry Dresden Files
Meet Harry Dresden he's not only a PI but also a Wizard!!
Unique Visits IN OUT
Today 0 0 0
Average Weekly 0 0 0.4
Neutral 5/5

The Divergent Series
I mean seriously the next part is not even out yet and people rated a book that's likely not even written yet!
Unique Visits IN OUT
Today 0 0 1
Average Weekly 0 0 1
Neutral 2/5

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